Major Reference Customers and Projects:


Vattenfall (Sweden)

Vattenfall have utilised ETM’s terminals since 1997 for smart meter applications, and a close business relationship built on mutual confidence and trust was strengthened in 2002 when Vattenfall discontinued outsourced additional services to ETM. Today ETM fits modems to the Vattenfall’s data concentrators, inserts and activates the units SIM cards, configures the units and tests the complete product before generating data files for use by Vattenfall and Schneider Electric the delivering the turn key solution. In the latest roll out to Vattenfall, ETM and Schneider Electric delivered approximately 30000 modems to data concentrators from NES.


Fortum (Finland and Sweden)

The company has delivered modems to Fortum since 2000. During 2011 to 2013 ETM delivered approximately 30000 new 3G modems to Scheider Electric for an automated meter reading project for Fortum in Finland, with concentrators and meters delivered from NES. Again ETM fitted, configured and tested the modems similar to the Vattenfall project above.


Evratek (Russia)

Since 2007 ETM have had an exclusive distributer in Russia, named Evratek. Evratek has been very successful in selling many thousands of ETM modems for various smart metering projects to the major oil and gas companies across Russia.


Energex Limited (Australia)

ETM Pacific, ETM’s Australian subsidiary has provided over 3000 3G modems to Energex for automated metering applications since 2007. Similar to the projects in Sweden ETM Pacific fits SIM cards to the units, configures and tests the product before shipping to the customer.




Some of our references

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