Wind Smart Sensor Set Sensor S-WSET-A

The Wind Sensor Set includes Onset’s research-grade plug-and-play Wind Speed Smart Sensor and the Wind Direction Smart Sensor. This combination provides average wind speed, highest 3-second wind gust, and average wind direction for the measurement interval. These durable sensors will provide many years of accurate and reliable performance.

NOTE: Mount these on the M-CAA Full Cross Arm for proper sensor spacing for accurate wind measurement in all wind directions.

The cross arm must be mounted on a stable mast using guy wires as needed to prevent the sensors from vibrating in high winds.

The S-WSET-A Sensor is for use in Indoor and Outdoor environments

The S-WSET-A Sensor supports the following measurements:



S-WSET-A fits the following data loggers:
U30-Wifi & ETH
or Micro Station.


  • S-WSA-M003 Wind Speed / Max Wind
  • S-WDA-M003 Wind direction

Typical applications:

  • Weather Station
  • S-WSET-A
  • S-WSA-M003
  • S-WDA-M003
Price excl. VAT
  • 6720 kr
  • 2870kr
  • 4200kr


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