Temperatur/RH Data Logger

HOBO UX100-011 Temperature/Relative Humidity Logger

The HOBO UX100-011 Temperature/Relative Humidity data logger records temperature andrelative humidity (within 2.5% accuracy) in indoor environments with its integrated sensors. This data logger is ideal for monitoring occupant comfort in office buildings, tracking food storage conditions in warehouses, logging temperature trends in server rooms, and measuring humidity levels in museums.

The UX100-011 is for use in Indoor environments

The UX100-011 supports the following measurements:

The software HOBOware is included at no cost and can be downloaded on our website.

USB-cable can be bought separately.


  • Temperature + Humidity Logger
  • Measuring range moisture: 1% to 95% RH
  • Accuracy moisture: +/-2,5% RH (10% to 90%RH)
  • Measuring range temperature -20°C to 70°C
  • Accuracy temperature +/- 0,21°C (0°C to 50°C)
  • Replaceable Temp / Humidity Sensor

Typical applications:

  • Comfort measurement indoors
  • Humidity measurement in museums
  • Control of storage environment for food
  • Battery
  • Operating time
  • 1pcs CR2032
  • 1 year
  • UX100-011
Price excl. VAT
  • 1130 kr


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