HOBOware Software

HOBOware & HOBOwarePro 

HOBOware is a free software that is compatible with most of Onset’s data loggers.
To the right of this page you can download the software at no cost for both Windows and MAC.

HOBOwarePRO full version fits all of Onset’s products.
The software is supplied on a CD with a USB cable.

The following products need HOBOwarePro:
Water Logger U20-001-0x & U20L-0x
Conductivity Logger: U24-001 & U24-002-C
Dissolved Oxygen Logger: U26-001
Shuttle U-DTW-1 & D-CT x

To install HOBOwarePRO in a computer without a CD reader:
1. First, install the free version “HOBOware” located to the right on this page.
2. After installation, restart HOBOware and enter your “License key”
(as indicated on the CD cover) in the menu Help / Manage License Key .. ”
3. The software restarts and now you have full version of HOBOware Pro.




  • Powerful graphical capabilities
  • Export functions for example Excel
  • PC and MAC
  • Windows 8, 7 och XP
  • Mac OS X 10.8. 10.7 & 10.6
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • HOBOware
  • HOBOware Pro
Price excl. VAT
  • No cost
  • 890 kr


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