HOBO UX120-017 Pulse Data Logger

The HOBO UX120 Pulse Data Logger is a highly versatile, 4-channel energy data logger that combines the functionality of four separate data loggers into one compact unit. It enables energy management professionals – from energy auditors to building commissioners – to easily track building energy consumption, equipment runtimes, and water and gas flow rates. The HOBO UX120 Pulse Data Logger is available in a standard memory model (UX120-017)capable of 500,000 measurements and anexpanded memory version (UX120-017M)capable of over 4,000,000 measurements.

The UX120-017 Data Logger is for use in Indoorenvironments

The UX120-017 Data Logger supports the following measurements (sensors sold separately):

State, Event, Runtime or Pulses from a variety of sensors including energy and flow meters.




The software HOBOware is included at no cost and can be downloaded on our website.

USB-cable can be bought separately.



  • Pulse - counts pulses (per minute)
  • Events- Registers activation
  • UX120-017 (500k memory)
  • UX120-017M (4M memory)
Price excl. VAT
  • 1940 kr
  • 2930 kr


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