HOBO Pendant UA-004-64 G Data Logger

Measure 3-dimensional motion, such as sports activity or medical therapy compliance with the HOBO® Pendant G data logger. With this logger, users can measure acceleration and angular displacement in 1, 2 or 3 axes. Use this data to monitor activity and improve performance.

The UA-004-64 Data Logger is for use in Indoor • Outdoor and Underwater environments

The UA-004-64 Data Logger supports the following measurements:

Acceleration • Tilt


Pendant Datalogger:

UA-004-64 with 64k memory

For a complete system you need:
1 Software: HOBOwarePro
2 Optic communication unit: BASE U-1
3 Data logger: Pendant

UBS-cable included.


Typical applications:

  • Field measurements where G-force or position needs to be measured
  • Research
  • Battery
  • Operating time
  • 1pcs CR2032
  • 1 year
  • UA-004-64
Price excl. VAT
  • 750 kr


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