U30 station

HOBO U30-WiFi & ETH Datalogger

Hobo U30-Remote System gives you access to data from any web browser.
Whether you are researching in fields of climatic conditions or measuring energy consumption in buildings will give HOBO U30 monitoring accurate and reliable information directly to your computer via Onset’s HOBO Link.

HOBO Link is a web-based software platform designed for HOBO U30 Loggers
It allows you easy access to current and historical data, set alarm limits for email and has a relay output.

Transfer to HOBO Link can be done in three different ways:
1. GSM transmission: U30-GSM
2. Wireless Network: U30-WIFI
3. Fixed Network: U30-ETH

The cost of HOBO Link Service Plan, for fixed or wireless networks:
SP-003 Log Interval 5 min / speed every 60 minutes: No cost
SP-002 Log Interval 1 min / speed every 10 minutes: 960 SEK / year
SP-001 Log Interval 1 sec / connection every 10 minutes: 1920 SEK/ year


* Data sent over the fixed network
* Connects the network cable

U30-ETH-000-10-S100 with 10 Smart Sensor inputs.
U30-ETH-VIA-10-S100 with 10 Smart Sensor + 2 Analog inputs.






* Data sent over the wireless network
* No network cable needs to be connected

U30-WIFI-000-10-S100 with 10 Smart Sensor inputs.
U30-Wifi-000-10-S100 with 10 Smart Sensor + 2 Analog inputs.



  • Data sent over the network
  • AC adapter or solar panel power
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Double casing for harsh environments

Typical applications:

  • Weather Stations
  • Water level measurement
  • Secondary electric meter
  • Replaceable battery
  • Operating time
  • Yes, 10Ah. 4 Volt
  • 3-5 years before change of battery
  • U30-ETH-000-10-S100
  • U30-ETH-VIA-10-S100
  • U30-WIF-000-10-S100
  • U30-WIF-VIA-10-S100
Price excl. VAT
  • 7450 kr
  • 8310 kr
  • 8370 kr
  • 9240 kr


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