Energy Meter HOBO Power Meter T-VER-E50B2

Build better energy efficiency and powermanagement with the E50B2 Power & Energy Meter. This cost-effective sensor is simple to deploy and can either be installed on standard DIN rail or be surface mounted. The E50B2 integrates with HOBO UX, U30, ZW, H22, and H21 data loggers.

The T-VER-E50B2 Sensor is for use in Indoorenvironments

The T-VER-E50B2 Sensor supports the following measurements:

AC Voltage • Amp Hour (Ah) • Amps (A) • Kilowatt Hours (kWh) • Kilowatts (kW) • Power Factor (PF)

For a complete loggingsystem you need:
Energy meter T-VER-E50B2
Pulse logger UX120-017
Current transfortmer CT-MAG-xxx-yyy
A-E50B2-LEADSET is a cable set for electric meters and pulse loggers.

  • Elmätare T-VER-E50B2
Price excl. VAT
  • 7190 kr
  • Cable Set 640 kr


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