DeltaBlue, Wireless and battery-powered data logger for outdoor use

DeltaBlue is a 2G/3G/4G battery-powered, rugged (IP67) data logger which is used for measuring and control of remote areas or installations without access to mains power or fixed communication line.

Integrated GPS make the DeltaBlue suitable for mobile applications like petroleum tanks, cooling containers and construction machinery. DeltaBlue is equipped with an accelerometer in order to recognize movement, which can be used in alarm applications.


The DeltaBlue comes with a a pre-provision SIM-card. Connect the sensors, turn on the power and log into ETM’s IoT Cloud Dashboard (EWO) to remotely manage DeltaBlue and get access to the measured data from anywhere.

DeltaBlue comes in two versions, one with and one without GPS. The version with GPS also supports the option to connect external GSM and/or GPS antennas.

2 meter I/O cable is included with the following connection alternatives (depending on DIP switch):
1 digital in/out (requires exciter) and pulse
4 analogue in (4-20mA) or digital in
1 0-5V or 0-10V
1 5V(stabilized), 16 V (stabilized) or battery (3.6V) out (for sensor feed)

Separate internal connection for I2C bus.


  • Up to 3 years battery life time*
  • Integrated 7-channel data logger
  • Integrated 2G/3G/4G wireless modem
  • Integrated GPS, temperature, humidity, pressure sensor and accelerometer
  • Pre-configured for the most common sensor types with 3.6V, 5V and 16V power feed
  • East access to logged measurements via ETM's IoT Cloud Dashboard (EWO)
  • Delivered with battery, SIM card & integrated GSM and GPS antennas.
  • Easy integration to SCADA and telemetry systems

Typical applications:

  • Well and pit monitoring
  • Agriculture applications
  • Water and sewer treatment
  • Remote intruder alarms
  • Goods tracking
  • Lake water level monitoring


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