DeltaBlack, wireless data-logger for industrial use

DeltaBlack is a robust data-logger with internal worldwide 2G/3G/4G modem suitable for measuring in heavy duty industrial applications. DeltaBlack can be easily mounted on DIN-rail or direcly to a wall with the included bracket.

DeltaBlack can be used for various applications like:

– Pumps, fans, generators and motors – runtime and alarm.
– Refrigeration and freezer systems – temperature and alarm.
– Metering, HVAC, Indoor Climate
– Fire panels and intruder alarms – surveillance and alarm.
– Datacentre monitoring – temperature, humidity and alarm.
– Industry processes

DeltaBlack comes with pre-provision SIM-card. Connect the sensors, turn on the power and log into ETM’s IoT Cloud Dashboard (EWO) to remotely manage DeltaBlack and get access to the measured data from anywhere.

DeltaBlack comes in two versions with these following connections: 71614 (Digital heavy)
5x  digital inputs in which 4 can be used as pulse.
1x  analog 0-5V input
1x  analog 0-10V input
1x  switching relay output
1x  5 V(stabilised) and 1x 16 V (stabilised) output (for sensor feed) 71615 (Analogue heavy)
1x  digital input that can also be used as pulse.
4x  analogue 4-20 mA inputs
1x  analogue 0-5V input
1x  analogue 0-10V input
1x  switching relay
1x  5 V(stabilised) and 1x 16 V (stabilised) output (for sensor feed)

DeltaBlack can log up to 7 channels simultaneously.


  • Integrated 7-channel data logger including one relay output
  • DIN-rail mounted including wall mount bracket
  • Integrated 2G/3G/4G worldwide wireless modem
  • Customized SMS alerts
  • LED indication for cellular signal quality and communication status
  • Pre-configured for the most common sensor types
  • Easy access to logged measurements via ETM's IoT Cloud Dashboard (EWO)
  • Easy integration to PLC, SCADA and telemtry systems


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