ETM appointed to Preferred Supplier in Smart Grid Gotland

ETM has been appointed to Preferred Supplier in the project Smart Grid Gotland.

The world’s smartest electricity grid is right now developed on Gotland by the local utility, GEAB, Gotlands Energi together with Vattenfall, ABB, Svenska Kraftnät, Schneider Electric and KTH, with Energimyndigheten as a key funder and partner. With the help of modern technology it is possible to integrate large amounts of renewable energy into the grid. This is done while maintaining delivery quality and is more cost-effective compared to conventional technology.

ETM will contribute to the project, with technology and systems that allow both efficient transfer of data from electricity meters to quickly receive alarms about the power outage of subscribers. This means that the time from failure to action can be reduced and thereby customer satisfaction is increased.

ETM has supplied about 400 pieces ETM Purple GPRS modem with power failure alarm for the project, known as the “Last Gasp”. This means that the ETM Purple sends an SMS alarm during a power failure to the EWO (ETM Web Office) which can then be sent on to higher level systems. In this way, the grid closest to the end user (the last mile) can be effectively monitored and actions can be put in early, in order to remedy faults and disturbances.

Read more about Smart Grid Gotland here.


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                    Preferred supplier in Smart Grid Gotland