ETM launch ETM-Purple 4G modem

The ETM-Purple 4G modem is based on the firmware and hardware platform of the ETM line of terminals that is widely used in the utility industry. In addition the units can provide power failure alarms (“last gasp”) by utilizing super capacitors to allow operation after a power failure. With the ETM WEB Office (EWO) support, parameters like signal strength, GSM base station, cell, temperatures etc. can be remotely monitored via a powerful WEB based interface.

The ETM-Purple product family of 2G/3G/4G wireless modems is designed for use with a variety of energy meters in order to provide a robust communication channel for meter data to back office systems. The Purple modem has a compact design and will fit inside the most common electrical meters present on the market. The meter casing will serve as mechanical housing for the modem as well as a robust power supply.

For a PLC solution with DC1000/DCN3000 concentrators from NES (former Echelon), the modem is housed inside the concentrator. We provide special NES kits which include needed cables for power and communication between the ETM-Purple and NES DC1000/DCN3000 concentrators.


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